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epharma who we are

About us

Founded in Lebanon in 2018, E Pharma Middle East is more than just a venture – it’s a vision brought to life by a team of seasoned professionals deeply rooted in the dermo-aesthetic field.

As a team, we are devoted to leveraging our expertise and passion towards the solid establishment of brands and procuring healthcare professionals utmost satisfaction.

In a brief timeframe, E Pharma Middle East secured a substantial market share and forged an ethical reputation, earning the trust of its stakeholders.

We collaborate with renowned and esteemed pharmaceutical companies to introduce and establish their brands in the Lebanese and Middle East markets while abiding by the highest industry standards and preserving their brand image and vision with unwavering precision.

our mission

Our mission is to deliver high-end aesthetic medical solutions to healthcare professionals while prioritizing innovation, quality, safety, and effectiveness.

Our commitment extends to following authorized, standardized, and closely monitored storage and distribution procedures, ensuring the quality delivery of our products to Doctors and Pharmacies.

It’s not just about what we provide; it’s about ensuring a reliable and impactful experience for those who trust in our solutions.


We aspire to nurture a vibrant journey and rich evolution in the dermo-aesthetic realm, working hand in hand with our partners and collaborating with medical  professionals.

Our steadfast dedication revolves around cultivating a community fueled by passion, excellence, educational empowerment, and perpetual growth.

our values


We build our business with unwavering ethics and integrity. We cultivate solid relationships with all our stakeholders based on trust, honesty and reliability.


We value each individual, empowering them with the support needed for continuous development and professional excellence.


Constantly scanning the horizon, to get the innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies to our stakeholders, courageously facing any challenge.


We prioritize continuous education, supporting healthcare professionals in their pursuit of improvement. Our commitment includes providing scientific support and hosting training workshops to enhance excellence in health and beauty care.