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IBSA is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company founded in 1945 in Lugano. Its philosophy is based on Person, Innovation, Quality and Responsibility. It has a vast portfolio of products covering 10 therapeutic areas, distributed over more than 80 countries across 5 continents.

IBSA Derma has a unique scientific experience, and is a pioneer in pharmaceutical research and innovative technologies to qualitatively improve existing therapeutic solutions. It has become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies for production of ultrapure hyaluronic acid, as it controls the entire pipeline from the raw material to the production of pre-filled syringes.

IBSA Derma believes beauty is unique and authentic for every person: It comes from within and spreads through the skin, making everyone a masterpiece.

E Pharma Middle East S.A.L. is the authorized exclusive distributor for IBSA ITALIA’s dermoesthetic product line in Lebanon



Md:ceuticals is an international company based in the United Kingdom, with its products distributed over more than 40 countries. The company strives to improve people’s quality of life and self-esteem through a healthy and flawless skin. 

The laboratory works diligently to improve products’ quality through continuous research and innovation by scientific experts who dedicate the best technologies and researches to use superlative formulas with the newest and most effective active ingredients that provide safe, quick and lasting results on the cellular level. 

These range of unique innovative professional and daily care products help skin care professionals and patients to achieve a healthy and beautiful skin, fighting main visible skin disorders, namely; hyper-pigmentation, skin aging, wrinkles, and photo-damage. These products provide customers with safe and effective professional treatments that are approved by dermatologists, with efficacy proven in many clinical trials in different countries.

E Pharma Middle East S.A.L is the authorized exclusive distributor for md:ceuticals products in Lebanon



Japan Bio Products Co. ltd is a global pharmaceutical company established in 1954 in Tokyo- Japan. Specialized in developing medical devices, Super Ultra-thin-walled needle/cannula and many other products with the Japanese state-of-art and precise metal cutting/ polishing technology.

JBP successfully enlarged the needle diameter to allow professionals to use thinner gauge needles for cosmetic treatment injections, and continuously explores areas where medical device technology can improve patient’s’ quality of life.


Better Booty Lift

A high quality ergonomic, soft and practical pillow, medically recommended to provide most comfortable way for Brazilian butt lift procedure recovery. Exclusively supplied by E Pharma Middle East S.A.L