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Aliaxin FL

ALIAXIN® FL is a specific product for lip refresh and fine lines treatments.

Main Indications:
Lip contour redefinition, perioral wrinkles, lip refresh.

Composition and presentation:
Hyaluronic Acid molecular weights: 500 kDa, 1000 kDa
Cross-linked HA concentration: 25 mg/ml
2 prefilled syringes of 1 ml / box
Needles 30G x 13 mm (4)

Rheologicial values:
Flow 0.39, Lift 45(Pa), Sculpt 0.23

Medical Device for professional use, to be used exclusively by medical professionals.

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Aliaxin® FL is composed of IBSA’s High quality ultrapure hyaluronic acid produced by SHYALT ultrapure technique. Which is ranked as top high quality raw material.

Hydrolift® Action in ALIAXIN® FL is an innovative approach aimed at counteracting the physiological reduction in hyaluronic acid in the skin, restoring hydration, elasticity, and skin tone. It is an expression of the synergistic action derived from the use of selected hyaluronic acid produced by patented IBSA technology, which when used in combination, creates optimal conditions for preventing and fighting the aging process.

ALIAXIN® FL optimal rheological properties guarantee bioredefinition, tissue volumization, and homogeneous integration in the deep fat compartment to maintain each face’s authentic expression.